Sunday, November 21, 2010

iPhone 3GS Camera Not Working

I recently updated the software on an old iPhone 3GS, which aside from having a few issues with the iPhone 4.1 software upgrade, it worked ok.

Until today, I had not experienced any issues with the upgraded software, when was attempting to take a photo. After opening the camera it seemed to start and work ok. If I tried to enable the zoom slider, switch to the video camera or take a picture, nothing worked. It was as though the touch screen was no longer active, although I managed to focus an area of the photo occasionally.

Returning to the home screen and back into the camera did not help, and terminating the camera process and restarting also had no affect.

To fix the issue, I turned the phone off and back on again, and stopped all running processes before trying (not sure if this had an affect). After the camera opened, if was fully functional and able to take photos.

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